Friday, 16 October 2009

Video, Audio and other WW2 links

NEW! The Memory Project. Personal testimonies from veterans of WW2 and the Korean war.
National Archives. List of bundles of Home Office documents relevant to WW2 alien internments.
ASSASSINATION:Operation Anthropoid 1941-1942. A detailed account fully documented of the assassination of Heydrich.
United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials.
The Japanese surrender. The official end of WW2.
Britain's declaration of war and immediate instructions
Ed Murrow Reporting: Dover 1942
The Auschwitz Album.
World War Two From the History of War On-Line, an excellent site.
Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial
British Equipment of WW2
German Newsreels. Some fascinating clips.
WW2 Drawings
Some interesting Christmas cards
JCR-UK Jewish civilian deaths in WW2
Geoff's Crypto Page Links to WW2 cypher machines and cryptography, by Geoff Sullivan.
Geoff's Search Engine Linked to the CWGC data base, but allowing searches on more fields.
World War II Armed Forces - Orders of Battle and Organizations
British, Commonwealth, and Polish Tank Markings in Italy 1944
Lost Bombers WW2 lost bombers database, a superb addition.
The Generals of WW2
C.Peter Chen's WW2 Database
Harry Tate's Navy Nick Clark's excellent Royal Navy site.
British Battles Includes WW2 but stretches back to Crecy and Agincourt.
Paul Reed's Battlefields of WW2
The North Irish Horse
The U.S. Military Collection
Searchlights of WW2 Shedding light on the matter.
US Army Center of Military History Online Bookshelves: WW2
Films from the Home Front
East Meets West - April 1945
The Burma Star Association
Nazi and East German Propaganda
Britain's Declaration of war. Full text and audio
British Navy/Army/RAF Service Records.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Archive! BBC WW2 People's War
Armed Forces of Britain and Ireland
World at War
Further Canadian Historical Documents - WW2
Equipment Used By the British Armoured Brigades
World War Two Buff Stuff- with some excellent links
Ron Goldstein's Army Album
British Divisions 1939-1945
Gemmano ... 1944
The New Zealand FIFTY VOLUME history of WW2 - electronic text
Ron Goldstein's Actual Army Album
BBC History - World War Two
Po Valley 1945
4th (Queen's Own) Hussars War Diaries
CBC Archives - Conflict and War
People's War Archive Message Board
2nd RGH & 4th Hussars website by J.I.McDonald.
2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars & 4th Hussars Photo Album
WW2 Ex-RAF Website